TV Anime “Monster Musume no Oishasan” Blu-ray released on October 28 PV

Eisha Dash X Bunko’s popular work “Monster Girl Doctor”
Broadcasting popular on TV anime from July 12, 2020!
Blu-ray Volume 1 released on Thursday, October 28, 2020!
Includes luxurious benefits such as a short novel written by Yoshino Origuchi and a special outer case drawn by Dr. Zton!


In the town of Lindworm where monsters and humans coexist, Dr. Glenn runs an exemplary medical clinic for monster girls with his lamia assistant, Sapphee. Whether receiving a marriage proposal by a centaur injured in battle, palpating the injury of a mermaid, or suturing the delicate wounds of a flesh golem, Dr. Glenn performs his job with grace and confidence. But when an unsavory character seeks to steal a harpy egg, how will the unflappable Dr. Glenn respond…?

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