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TREASURE – Beautiful lyrics (Romaji, English, Kanji)


The sky before dawn quietly, softly
Look, new days are beginning
Let go of the feelings you have kept locked up
Spread your wings one more time

Take flight now Look down on the ocean
Farther than anyone Again and again we’ll fly

Beautiful When I’m with you every scenery shines
So stay by my side
I’ll never let go Don’t let go of my hand
I want you to follow me to the end of the world
The world is so beautiful

*doko made mo literally means “until anywhere”, a more fitting
(but less literal) translation is “until the end of the world”

Credits to: @aegyodobby…



yoake mae no sora shizuka ni sotto
hora arata na hibi ga hajimaru

mune ni shimai konda mama no omoi wo tokihanatte
sono tsubasa wo hirogete One more time

ima tobitatte ano unabara wo mioroshite
dare yori mo tooku nando demo We’ll fly

Beautiful donna keshiki mo kimi to ireba kagayaku yo
dakara zutto soba ni ite

And never let go
boku no kono te wo hanasanaide doko made mo tsuite kite hoshii
The world is so beautiful



夜明け前の空 静かにそっと

その翼を広げて One more time

今飛び立って あの海原を見下ろして
誰よりも遠く 何度でも We’ll fly

Beautiful どんな景色も君といれば輝くよ

And never let go
僕のこの手を離さないで どこまでもついてきて欲しい
The world is so beautiful

kanji thanks to Genius

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