Aimee Blackschleger – Destiny Lyrics | Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle Opening Song

  • Lirik Lagu Aimee Blackschleger – Destiny
  • Opening Anime Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle


Through the very blaze of a brighter phase
To turn the tides like the pull of moon

For vows may enclose our boundless minds
If stuck in a bind, it’s the hard way

All we see is the world ahead
For all we are, we’ll only know when we are there

Let ignite, spark the Destiny I wanna fight for
Let’s be in love, that’s better
No options left but to break free
If one fails to make it up, we’re all beside us

No point in our battles if what’s left is nothing
Made right to be this one in universe
Phantasy Star!


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